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What I offer

Please note that while the descriptions below relate to schools, they can equally be adapted to meet the needs of other settings and teams working with children and young people.

Beyond Behaviour structures its support for schools on three inter-connected levels:


Pupil level

If you are concerned about the behaviour of a particular youngster(s), support can include:

  • Problem-solving using to identify causal factors and create an individual action plan, including targeted interventions.
  • Time-limited 1:1 support/small group work designed to develop more appropriate behaviours, build self-esteem and develop behaviours for learning. Delivered as part of a staff coaching package in order to increase the school’s capacity for supporting pupils with troubling behaviours.
  • Parental support – facilitating workshops to help parents/carers better understand their children’s behaviour and develop the skills for a smoother family life. Download testimonials from parents.
  • Attachment/Looked after children – as part of the Kate Cairns Associates team, Steve is able to provide support specifically related to understanding and responding to the needs of youngsters with attachment difficulties.
  • Developing youngsters’ emotional literacy and behaviour skills using the ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ scheme of work.

Have you considered using some of your school’s Pupil Premium allocation for accessing Beyond Behaviour’s services?

Staff level

Coaching and training can be provided to:

  • Teachers (including NQTs)
  • Teaching assistants/HLTAs
  • Midday supervisors
  • Pastoral staff/Pastoral teams
  • Leaders – middle and senior.

Some of the most popular themes of support and training can be found here.


Increasingly pastoral staff and those with responsibility for child protection have to deal with extremely complex and at times troubling cases. Steve can provide professional supervision for these staff, offering them a safe space to talk cases through and develop a ‘super-vision’ of any particularly tricky situations.

Whole setting level

  • Increasing consistency around behaviour management
  • Policies and practice – Auditing those related to behaviour and pastoral care provision. (Sample reports are available)
  • OFSTED – Pre- and Post-OFSTED support including ‘No-Notice’ Behaviour and Safety Inspections
  • Ethos and values – including increasing stakeholder involvement, e.g. parents, governors.

Training schools

If you are a teaching school, why not engage Beyond Behaviour to deliver parts of your CPD programme? In this way you can be assured of maintaining the highest standards of teaching and learning by keeping your ‘outstanding’ practitioners in the classroom, while still providing training that is of an equally high quality.