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Beyond Behaviour provides bespoke consultancy and training to support the development of leaders at all levels in an organisation. Below are some of the most commonly requested areas of support.

Leading through change

Change is a key characteristic of all organisations. How well people are led through change is key to determining how effectively they fulfil their roles. These sessions look at the key characteristics of change, typical reactions to change and ways to minimise any negative effect change has on people’s performances. Areas covered include:

  • The impact of change.
  • Different responses to change – linking with working styles.
  • Enhancing your ability to remain grounded and focused during change.
  • Balancing colleagues’ needs for structure and nurture.

Having the difficult conversation

Of all the aspects of leadership and management, having conversations about tricky areas, such as performance management and colleagues’ behaviour can be one of the most difficult. Find out why, and what the alternatives are. Areas covered include:

  • Dealing with resistance from/conflict with colleagues.
  • Knowing me, knowing you – heightening awareness of self and others.
  • Communication skills to promote positive engagement and ownership.
  • Driver behaviours – how people react under pressure.

Leading a team

While there are techniques to help leaders lead successfully, the most important resource is you, the leader, and your team of people. Having good interpersonal skills and self-awareness is therefore essential if you are to be an effective leader. Areas covered include:

  • Values and beliefs – the bedrock of effective leadership.
  • Understanding group dynamics.
  • Personality traits and how they can have both positive and negative impacts on a team.
  • Managing change – both for others and yourself.
  • How the Functional Fluency model can support you as a leader

Preparing for leadership

Specifically designed for anyone who aspires to become a leader or who is about to take up a leadership role. Areas covered include:

  • Me a leader? – a look at the qualities and skills you bring to leadership, and some of the anxieties and fears you might have.
  • Values and leadership.
  • The habits of effective leadership.
  • Functional fluency and leadership.
  • Plus key elements from Leading a team, including group dynamics.

Leadership and vocation

This series of sessions provides an opportunity for those in leadership roles rooted in a sense of vocation, such as leaders in education, the health service and the clergy. Sessions are designed to provide time out to reflect upon what first drew you to your work and subsequently become a leader, your values and key influences. Areas covered include:

  • The leader within – living out your values and beliefs as a leader.
  • Living with the tensions – identifying, naming and exploring the intrapersonal conflicts you might be experiencing within your role.
  • Sources of personal power.