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Personal coaching

Transform ‘surviving’ into ‘thriving

The pressures of life, both at home and work, can take their toll on all of us at different times in our lives. You might feel that you are ‘just getting by’ – and wish to enjoy life more and be more effective, both at work and in your personal life.

The Temple Index of Functional Fluency (TIFF) is designed to help people:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Increase their levels of ‘response-ability’ – and thereby reduce the need to react to situations and others.
  • More effectively fulfil their role of being in charge of others, e.g. at work or as a parent.
  • Enjoy greater levels of creativity and spontaneity.

As an accredited TIFF provider, Steve is able to provide high-quality coaching support that will take you through your profile snapshot. His goals are simple: to help you gain a greater appreciation of your strengths, provide time and space to explore specific challenges you are facing, and guide you in making tangible steps forward. To find out more, either contact Steve or visit the Functional Fluency website.