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Knowing me, knowing you – developing pupils’ emotional literacy

Knowing me, knowing you

Knowing me, knowing you provides a structured programme to help young people develop their awareness and understanding of themselves and those around them. By exploring key ideas from Transactional Analysis (TA) they explore areas, such as:

  • Self-esteem and self-acceptance.
  • Conflict – the differences between healthy and unhealthy conflict; how to minimise the latter and respond appropriately when it does occur.
  • Groups – working effectively in a group.
  • Differences – embracing and celebrating differences.
  • Growing up and moving on – helping youngsters to understand key aspects of their social and emotional development.

A unique element to the programme is that the adults learn alongside the pupils, making it a truly collaborative learning experience.

Why use Knowing me, knowing you?

Evidence from schools has highlighted a number of benefits. Check out the testimonials below from pupils, staff and parents:

  • “Doing this project has helped me realise that we are all different, not just me”
  • “The pupils want to come to English now” (English teacher who integrated TA into her scheme of work)
  • “The children are so much better at working as a group now. And they are the ones who will pull out their contract sheets even before we’ve prompted them” (learning mentor)
  • “I can’t believe the change – he’s growing up. He will now listen far more to what his mum tells him to do – and will usually do it without the strops he used to throw” (grandmother’s comment to the class teacher)
  • “We are learning more than we were before we did TA – even though we aren’t doing TA any more. We respect each other more and are behaving better” (from a group of Y9 pupils)

Some ways Knowing me, knowing you has been used to date:

  • PSHE for Year 4 for pupils programme at Heckington St Andrew’s CE Primary School. Such has been the enthusiasm for this from both pupils and staff that the school has extended it into Years 5 and 6.
  • Supporting Y6–Y7 transition (Thorpe on the Hill Primary School, Tattershall Primary School), linking with the SEAL theme ‘Changes’.
  • Increasing Y9 engagement in English lessons (Queen Eleanor School, Stamford).
  • Improving behaviour and self-esteem for a group of at risk Years 4 to 6 pupils at Isaac Newton Primary School, Grantham.
  • Friendship guardians – as part of their training programme, a group of Year 4 pupils at Spalding Parish Day CE School have looked at elements of Knowing me, knowing you.

Download summary report of Lincolnshire ‘Knowing me, knowing you’ project.

For more details about the scheme of work and the training needed to help you get up and running, please contact Steve.